Subscription to DeployAdviser is costed according to the size of your business and the number of licences required. As we strive to provide the most suitable low-cost solution, we take our clients’ budgets and constraints into strong consideration, adjusting to match the type of business being managed.

To find out more about our pricing model and how it could work for you or your company (or to request a quote of brochure), please contact us.

What is included in the price?

  • Unlimited project creation and amendment
  • Ability to upload project documents and information
  • Resource management – option to invite people (consultants, advisers, project managers and team leaders)
  • Invoice generation, approval and dispute
  • Transparency: invoice, expense receipt and banking information export
  • Consultant and user profile creation and amendment
  • Consultancy or company profile creation and amendment
  • Smartphone support for data capture
  • Training and support

Are there any additional costs?

  • Each consultancy is provided with 1GB of storage.
  • Each individual consultant using DeployAdviser is provided with 50Mb of storage.
  • Additional storage is charged at £2.40 per GB/per month.
  • Custom reports and data integration services are available. Please contact us for details.