Benefits for consultants & advisers

DeployAdviser is designed to specifically meet your needs. In a highly charged and competitive consultancy market, you need to deliver for your clients and manage your time in the most cost effective and efficient way. With a low cost and streamlined approach to managing activity logging and invoicing your clients, DeployAdviser will help you achieve more.

Sign up before 31 December 2012 and in addition to the 30 day free trial get the first 10 days of every month free for a year.

Organise and manage projects and clients

  • Create and manage multiple projects and clients with ease
  • Specify the client to send invoices to for each project
  • Upload project documents for your use and information
  • Specify project currencies for expenses
  • Select project expense cost codes from your "the system default list" or add in your clients cost codes
  • Set Per Diem rates, by project, in any currency for In Country, Out of Country and In Transit locations
  • Specify permitted working days in a week, by project, for In Country, Out of Country and In Transit locations

People Management

Deploy Adviser offers all the benefits of real world project and people management,at the click of a mouse. Administrators and Project Managers can review projects that they manage within the system and the consultants assigned to each project. The optional Engagement Management Module allows;

  • Specification of: terms of reference, function, insurance, deployment start and end dates, days available and pay rates when inviting a person to join a project.
  • Amendment of the above information and submission of engagement modifications.
  • The ability for Project Managers and Administrators to terminate engagements
  • The ability for Invited people to review the engagement details and accept or decline the engagement.
  • With this module enabled Consultants can log time and expense work stream level within a project, increasing the level of detail available to consultancies when undertaking financial planning.

Engagement Forecasting

To help with project planning and cost control, the Deploy Adviser service offers an optional function to enable consultants to forecast their next three months of engagements.

  • Consultants can forecast their working days by project and (if required) project work streams on a monthly basis for the current month forward to the end date of the project
  • Project Managers and Consultancy Administrators can review project forecasts within Deploy Adviser and download the data to enable easy project planning and cost control
  • Forecasting can be linked to consultant invoices ensuring that forecast data is reviewed and updated every time an invoice is submitted

Log activity anywhere

  • You can log time and claim expenses from anywhere
  • Secure web accessible system
  • Designed to run even with poor internet connections
  • Smartphone apps provide an alternative method to record time and expenses on-the-go, even without a data connection

Create accurate time and expense records quickly

  • Log time in 15 minute increments against assigned projects
  • Add a per diem claim with a single click
  • Add expenses in multiple currencies
  • Never worry about losing a receipt again - capture a photographic image via the Smartphone app or upload via your internet browser
  • Add unlimited expenses and fee days
  • Apply VAT to time and expenses
  • Add private notes to each expense or fee day as a personal aide-memoire
  • Add comments and notes to each expense or fee day for the project manager to see

Speed up the invoicing process

  • Create and review detailed invoices in a uniform and clear format
  • Invoices include
      - time logs,
      - expense and per diem claims,
      - currency conversions and exchange rates
      - explanatory notes (e.g. for working on non-permitted days)
      - payee bank details
  • Expenses or other costs logged are converted to the billing currency at point of invoice
  • Invoices provided in PDF format for review and record keeping
  • Invoices are generated in PDF format and can be emailed directly to your client from the system
  • Invoices can also be exported from the system as PDf and CSV files for record keeping

Simple invoices management

  • Once you have invoiced a client for your time and expenses the records are locked so you cannot accidently re-invoice the same work twice
  • Your submitted invoices are stored in a review table letting you mark them as approved once paid or disputed if your client does not pay and you need to re-invoice
  • Automatic e-mail confirmations of approved and disputed invoices are sent to you

Consultants and advisers dashboard

  • Easy to follow dashboard for you to use to use
  • Ability to edit personal details, bank account and invoice information quickly
  • Ability to accept and decline project engagements from other Consultancies using the system
  • Option to view project engagements, pending, current and expired
  • Ability to view project headline information and download project documents
  • Ability to create, review, edit and delete time and expense records
  • Ability to simply create, review and submit invoices
  • Ability to use default or manually set exchange rates for currency conversion at point of invoice