General questions about using DeployAdviser

Will the DeployAdviser site still work if I have poor internet speed?

The DeployAdviser secure site is designed specifically with poor and low speed internet connections in mind. The site is optimised to work, even with poor internet connections and low bandwidths, using a combination of light graphics and software designed to minimise the number and duration of uploads and downloads to the server, along with minimising data transfer volumes.

What happens if I lose my internet connection?

If you have no internet connection and are a registered user of the DeployAdviser service you can record time and expenses incurred using our Android or iOS mobile apps without the need for a data connection. This facility allows you to record data offline. When a data connection becomes available, you can then synchronise the data recorded on the device with your DeployAdviser account.

Do I have to install any software?

No. DeployAdviser is a web-based system. There is no need to install applications or store any data locally. All you require is an internet browser. If you use the mobile applications you will need to install the free app which will let you log data on your device until it is synchronised with your DeployAdviser account. Data is wiped from the device once it is securely sent to the server.

Will I be charged a setup cost?

There are no set up or fixed on-going costs for the DeployAdviser service. The standard system is provided on a pay-per-use basis. We also have a great introductory offer letting you trial the system for 30 days free with no obligation to purchase.

Will advisers or project managers require training to use DeployAdviser?

DeployAdviser has been designed to be intuitive to use. We provide a range of support guides and materials to assist users and are always happy to provide direct advice and support. Contact us for further information.

Are the mobile apps free?

Yes the Android and the iOS app are free. However, these will only work if you are a registered user of DeployAdviser. They cannot be used as stand-alone applications without the DeployAdviser web system. To find out more contact us or take up a free trial account.

Questions about data storage

Where is my data held?

The data is stored on a secure server which has a database dedicated to your consultancy. The data is hosted in the UK. Your data is secured to your account and cannot be shared with anyone else. Data transmission (including invoice submissions) is fully secured through https tunnels.

How secure is my data?

The DeployAdviser web service and databases are secured using a range of bank standard and other security features to protect your data on our servers and while being transmitted to and from them. Similarly if you are using a mobile app to log time and expenses your interaction with the database is secured by encrypted transmission during synchronisation with the mobile device. Connecting to the database is only possible after login and uses the same level of encrypted transmission to secure your data link.

Will my data be backed up?

We take data security and resilience seriously. Our servers are configured to minimise loss of data through damage to hardware with mirrored systems and we back-up the system daily to a secure off site location.

Who has access to my data?

We understand how sensitive your data is to your business. Only you and your designated colleagues have access to your data. We will not grant access to your data to any other person. Furthermore, we have a strict process to allow passwords to be re-issued. We operate under EU and UK laws and we are registered with the Information Commissioner in the United Kingdom as a Data Controller and take our responsibilities seriously.

How much storage space do I get?

Each subscribing consultancy receives 1GB of free storage. Each subscribing consultant receives 50Mb of free storage. It is possible to add more storage space if required. Please see our pricing page for our exceptionally low cost additional storage.

What do I need data storage for?

Data storage is required to enable storage of invoices and receipts and project documents as well as the consultancy record. You will be informed if you start to exceed your allocated amount. We operate a fair-use policy. So if you go over slightly then don't worry, we will give you the opportunity to delete documents or instruct us to remove them to archive.

Questions about invoicing

I have submitted time for last Monday, can I submit additional times for that day?

It is possible to add additional time records to any calendar day by going to the "Log Time & Expenses" button and clicking the green + (plus) sign in the box labelled "time" on the left part of the screen. Then just complete a time log in the normal manner and save. Then follow the normal steps to generate a new invoice.

What happens if I want to create an invoice with expenses in a range of currencies?

Expenses can be submitted in any currencies that has designated as allowable for a project. In addition you can specify the billing currency for your invoice and DeployAdviser enables the simple conversion of expenses and charges to the invoice currency at the point of invoicing. To assist you we provide typical conversion rates - updated at the point of invoice creation - between the log currencies and your billing currency. You can then manually adjust these conversion rates to reflect the actual exchange rate you incured if required.

What happens if I change my bank account details?

Bank account details are printed on each invoice that is submitted. For consultancies using the service to manage consultants and advisers where bank details change between invoices DeployAdviser flags the change on the system to aid simple and swift bank account detail setup prior to the invoice payment process. This will enable the consultancies to action the account setup independently from the invoices and so potentially speed up the payment cycle.

How does a consultant or adviser know whether or not their invoice has been approved?

For consultancies using the system to manage their consultants and advisers, once an invoice is approved or disputed by the project manager an email notification is automatically sent to the adviser. If it was a disputed invoice DeployAdviser will allow the consultant or adviser to make the necessary changes before re-submitting the invoice for processing.

Can I export data for record-keeping?

A project manager and administrator can export data from DeployAdviser as a CSV file. Additional options exist for creating direct data feeds from DeployAdviser to your financial or other record management systems. Please contact us for more details. Advisers and Project Managers are also able to download PDF copies of their invoices.

How can a consultant or adviser keep track of receipts?

Receipts can be photographed using the smartphone apps and linked to an expense. The images are uploaded to the consultant or advisor's account when synchronised to the database. Receipts that have been scanned into a computer or are available electronically (e.g. via an email) can be attached to an expense record direct from the computer as a simple additional step in the creation of an expense record. The system will keep copies of your receipts until you ask for them to be archived - so never worry about losing a receipt again.

What do I do if I have created a time or expense record under an incorrect project name?

If you have not submitted your invoice then simply delete the incorrect record by clicking on it and selecting "delete" from the menu. You can then re-enter your record under the correct project. If you have submitted your invoice then ask the Project Manager to dispute it and then make the necessary corrections before re-submitting.

Can I edit a time record after I have created it?

Once you input a time record it is displayed in the row labelled "time" underneath the corresponding date. To edit a time, click on it to display the details which will allow you to change the time and other details as required. When you have done this, click save and the amendments will be saved.

Can I edit an expense after I have created it?

Once you input an expense it is displayed in the row labelled "expense" underneath the corresponding date. To edit an expense click on it to bring up a pop-up which will allow you to alter the expense record details; add further information or upload a receipt. Once you have done this click save and the expense record amendments will be saved.

I forgot to add a receipt to an expense, can I do it later?

Yes. A photograph of a receipt can be added later by clicking on the expense to bring up the expense entry. At the bottom of this entry pop-up select "Upload Receipts or Supporting Documents". Then click "choose file" to select the photograph of your receipt and upload it from your computer. Larger size files may take time to upload depending on your connection speed so please wait until the file is fully uploaded and shows in the list at the bottom before proceeding with other actions.

What do I do if I have submitted an incorrect invoice?

Once an invoice has been submitted it cannot be edited. If you are working on another consultancies project you should contact your Project Manager and ask them to dispute the incorrect invoice. If you have a consultant subscription account you can dispute the invoice yourself and then correct the records. To help avoid errors it is possible to preview invoices as draft PDF files as many times as you need prior to actual submission to the consultancy.

Questions about managing projects

Can Projects be customised?

We know that every project is different. Starting with the name of the project, and any associated financial cost code, it is possible to configure a wealth of details relating to each project. This includes the ability to select the appropriate cost codes for that project; amend cost code descriptions to provide project-by-project clarity and specify per diem rates and permitted currencies for all modes of project operation. In addition you can upload project documents into the system to be viewed by yourself or other service users with permission to access the project.

How many projects can be registered on DeployAdviser?

From the start you will be able to create as many projects as you need and invite people to join them. Projects are designed to be a flexible component of DeployAdviser that you can customise and use to reflect your business, assignments or workstreams. As well as creating projects you can make them inactive and so archiving the records for when you need them again.

Can a Consultancy administrator add personnel to the system?

An administrator can invite new and existing personnel to join projects as consultants, advisers or project managers. Invitations are quick and simple to make and there is no limit to the number of people who can be invited. A person who has been invited will receive an email with information on how to register on the system and accept the project invitation. They will also see the invitation on their notification area after they login.

How many advisers can a project manager or administrator assign to a project system?

We understand that projects range in size hugely, from a single person to teams of one hundred, or more, working from multiple locations. There is no limit to the number of advisers and project managers that may be assigned to a project on DeployAdviser. Equally there are no limits to the number of projects that you can create.

I have a Consultant Service Subscription can I invite people to work on projects?

The Consultant subscription is designed to allow you to record and invoice your time directly to your clients and customers. If you want to be able to manage other peoples time and expenses please give us a call and we can add a consutlancy Service Subscription to your account.

Questions about pricing

Will DeployAdviser work with my existing financial system?

The DeployAdviser system provides a csv files that can simply be uploaded into your existing financial systems. For an additional fee it is possible to have DeployAdviser integrated directly with your existing finance software. This makes the job of converting invoices to financial data for use in analysis and payment runs simple, easy and error free.

Will the user have to pay for DeployAdviser during periods when they do not need to use it?

No. You will only pay for DeployAdviser when you or your advisers and consultants are logging time and expenses. If you have a period of time, when you or your consultants are not working you will not be charged. We only charge for days that advisors log time, expense and/or per diem claims. If you are setting up projects and inviting people there are no costs until they start to use it.

How many invoices can be generated per day?

You can generate as many invoices in a day as you need to. You can also create an unlimited number of draft invoices to ensure that the final invoice submitted is correct. Equally you can create invoices for as many projects as you need to without additional charge.

Does my subscription cost more if I record time against more than one project?

No, a monthly fee means that no additional changes will apply, unless your organisation requires further storage space or customisation of reports and data services. You can record time and expenses against as many projects as you need to.

Questions about support

What do I do if I am an existing customer and having problems with DeployAdviser?

We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulties. We always endeavour to resolve problems quickly and efficiently. Please contact us so we can help. Information on how to get in touch is available via the Contact Us page of this website.

How much technical support do I get within the cost of my package?

We want DeployAdviser to work for you. An integral part of our service is free technical support. We are able to provide a range of support and advice materials, telephone and email support, web conferencing and have even been known to visit our client's site to offer one-on-one training. We believe in our product and are firmly committed to helping our clients get the best out of it.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

Click "forgotten password". You will then be required to answer the security question you set when you first registered. After three failed attempts to access your account it will be locked. You will then need to contact us to have your account unlocked. This is a necessary security feature as your account contains sensitive information which we must protect.


Does Skotkonung have any vacancies?

We are an expanding company and are always looking for new talent. Please get in touch via the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.