General questions about using DeployAdviser

Will the DeployAdviser site still work if I have poor internet speed?
The DeployAdviser secure site is designed specifically with poor and low speed internet connections in mind. The site is optimised to work, even with poor internet connections and low bandwidths, using a combination of light graphics and software designed to minimise the number and duration of uploads and downloads to the server, along with minimising data transfer volumes.

What happens if I lose my internet connection?
If you have no internet connection and are a registered user of the DeployAdviser service you can record time and expenses incurred using our Android or iOS mobile apps without the need for a data connection. This facility allows you to record data offline. When a data connection becomes available, you can then synchronise the data recorded on the device with your DeployAdviser account.

Do I have to install any software?
No. DeployAdviser is a web-based system. There is no need to install applications or store any data locally. All you require is an internet browser. If you use the mobile applications you will need to install the free app which will let you log data on your device until it is synchronised with your DeployAdviser account. Data is wiped from the device once it is securely sent to the server.

Will I be charged a setup cost?
There are no set up or fixed on-going costs for the DeployAdviser service. The standard system is provided on a pay-per-use basis.

Will advisers or project managers require training to use DeployAdviser?
DeployAdviser has been designed to be intuitive to use. We provide a range of support guides and materials to assist users and are always happy to provide direct advice and support. Contact us for further information.

Are the mobile apps free?
Yes, the Android and the iOS app are free. However, these will only work if you are a registered user of DeployAdviser. They cannot be used as stand-alone applications without the DeployAdviser web system. To find out more contact us.

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Questions about data storage

Where is my data held?
The data is stored on a secure server in the UK. Your data is secured to your account and cannot be shared with anyone else. Data transmission (including invoice submissions) is fully secured through https tunnels.

How secure is my data?
The DeployAdviser web service and databases are secured using a range of bank standard and other security features to protect your data on our servers and while being transmitted to and from them. Similarly, if you are using a mobile app to log time and expenses your interaction with the database is secured by encrypted transmission during synchronisation with the mobile device. Connecting to the database is only possible after login and uses the same level of encrypted transmission to secure your data link.

Will my data be backed up?
We take data security and resilience seriously. Our servers are configured to minimise loss of data through damage to hardware with mirrored systems and we back-up the system daily to a secure off-site location.

Who has access to my data?
We understand how sensitive your data is to your business. Only you and your designated colleagues have access to your data. We will not grant access to your data to any other person. Furthermore, we have a strict process to allow passwords to be re-issued. We operate under EU and UK laws and we are registered with the Information Commissioner in the United Kingdom as a Data Controller and take our responsibilities seriously.

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